Innovative technology

Domos continuously improve construction processes, implementing optimal solutions adapted to each type of building projects. Our innovative and certified construction process is based on the SISMO Building Technology

Sismo is fast and high quality insulated structural solution based on concrete bearing walls poured on site. Building with the SISMO construction system means saving up to 60% time compared to the traditional system.

SISMO is an innovative building system, applicable to any kind of buildings and projects, residential, commercial or industrial.


Quick Construction Quick Construction

The time required to realize buildings using the SISMO building technology is significantly shorter than using any conventional building method.

Cost efficient  Cost efficient 

The SISMO building system is a cost efficient building method for all parties involved in the building process.

Durable Durable

SISMO modules provide maximum strength during concrete placement. Once complete, SISMO structures reach an incredible structural integrity.

Certified Quality Certified Quality

In 2001, SISMO was the first company in the construction sector that received the European Technical Approval (ETA 01/0001).

Universal Universal

The SISMO concept is suitable for every socio-economic environment because of its high productivity, its brilliant simplicity and its modest demand of materials and skilled labour.

Efficient insulation Efficient insulation

Efficient insulation is crucial to ensure energy savings and contribute to the protection of our environment. Depending on the climate, you can choose from a variety of infill materials that completely and permanently insulate the building without them.

Environmentally Friendly Environmentally Friendly

Non-polluting production process – Reduced job-site waste – Great energy efficiency.

Suitable for SISMO Zones Suitable for SISMO Zones

Proven by calculations and reports made by the University of Leuven (Belgium) and the Istambul Kültür University (Turkey).

Lightweight Lightweight

SISMO modules weigh between 2 and 7 kg, eliminating the need for heavy or expensive building equipment on-site. They can easily be handled and assembled manually.

Versatile Versatile

The infinite variability of the SISMO concept provides a construction method with unlimited design possibilities.

Hurricane proof Hurricane proof

A SISMO building is extremely resistant to the complex strains and thrusts due to the force emitted by hurricanes and cyclones.

Fire resistant Fire resistant

The assembled SISMO system is a continuous monolithic concrete system, thus without fire leakage the assembled system (horizontally, vertically…).